sad cat looking out a sad window #greenlake


Mrs. C.’s daughter checked on me from 2004 and 2010 but no one actually lived here. There were no laughters, no music, and no noises in the kitchen. I was a lonely shelter, sheltering nothing and no one but stale air and memories.  When my current residents came to live here in 2010, I was in a rather sad state. See, even Strabo, the cat that came with the family looked sad at my wretched state.

entrance and front window, march 2010

By 2012, the old windows have been replaced with triple-paned windows for energy efficiency, and light fixtures have been repaired. Oh, and I got a new door. But most of all, I got a new coat of paint! Done by no other than the marvelous people of Queen Anne Painting. Yellow as mellow yellow .. tadaaaa!!

Front Window Mar 2012
entrance and front window, March 2012