gifts of the season from a modest #seattle garden #greenlake

Most of the vegetables grown here were planted in the narrow strip of the south yard which gets the most sun. J&R have used Eartheasy’s Farmstead Raised Garden Bed for years now, and so far, have not seen the need to replace the beds.  The beds (which use pegs) are easy to assemble and can quickly be repositioned as needed.  Some plants like the calamancito, and the lime fruit shown below are grown in small containers.  There are endless opportunities for a small garden. Plastic sprinkling cans can be repurposed as planters at no great cost.  The green onions below were planted in a $1 wicker basket salvaged from a yard sale.  No great luck growing cilantro for one reason or another but I understand that J&R will try growing a salad bar again next year.