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the south yard’s marvelous journey from wild corner to garden adventure

So this is the south yard in 2010.  Kinda wild.  There are a couple of camellias, a lilac tree, some miniature roses, and a bush of blue hydrangeas that flaunt its old-fashioned charm. You can also see some ornamental acanthus with its lush green leaves that have grown wild next to the window. And look, there’s a bunch of prickly yucca plant!

014 1 Jun 2010
south yard, june 2010

Mrs. C.’s folks, J&R cleaned up the plants that have grown wild next to the house and trimmed the camellias and the lilac. They also put down pavers that connect the carport to the backyard (and actually, to the pergola in the back). They recycled a couple of CD shelves and used them to balance 2x4s timber that were left overs from the pergola project. They used the other left over timber to put together the raised beds around the camellias  and the rest as a bench in the south yard. Does it look zen enough?

014 1 Jun 2013syard_after
south yard, june 2013

Below you will get a better view of the CD racks and the 2x4s repurposed as a shelf between the two shrubs. That year, they grew aragulas, parsleys, basil, nasturtium and some salad greens.  J&R also repurposed a couple of plastic watering cans as decorative planters.

a gardening adventure with salad greens
the best of times. a gardening adventure in herbs and salad greens. 2013

Between 2014 and 2015, they grew cucumbers, dill, lettuce, mesclun, cauliflowers, and tomatoes in the south garden. They also replaced the crushed rocks framing the pavers with river rocks last year.  This year, for a change, they planted sunflowers and nasturtiums on the first raised bed, and grew herbs and tomatoes in the second one.  You can have breakfast in the dining room and look out the window, and see the sunflowers dancing in the breeze. Good times.

south yard. 2016
south yard. august 2016