it was a jungle … and then, it wasn’t! #greenlake

The old, charming red cedar tree stood as shade and guard in the backyard for years but the place was a jungle in 2010.  Oh, that poor rhubarb had been replanted twice but no one has been able to make a pie out of it since. The back fence was replaced with one made of cedar planks as you can see in the second photo below.

021 1 Jun 2010byard_before
June 2010

So, then it wasn’t a jungle, anymore.  Ron of RS Renovations who did so much work here handbuilt this marvelous pergola. Look, no nails, just pegs! To the left of the pergola is a side view of the storage shed.

Pergola September 2011
Pergola, September 2011





the patio gets a makeover plus a charming bench #greenlake #seattle

The front yard has a latticed patio with a charming bench under a decorative cherry tree. The bench and the patio were completely rebuilt in 2010.  Ron of RS Renovations did a marvelous job building a new bench and saving the bricks to reconstitute the old patio into a new one double-bordered with pavers, then cedar. The bench is oiled once a year to protect the wood from Seattle’s wet weather.

Front Yard, Oct 2010
Patio, October 2010

Here’s what this area of the house looks like in the summer of 2010. The bench and the logs supporting it were falling apart, and everything had to be replaced. We saved and reused most of the bricks from the old patio and you can see above that it turned quite lovely.

Front Yard, Jun 2010
Patio, June 2010