the north yard attempts a shade garden, it’s come a long way, baby! #greenlake #seattle


The north yard is probably the area that gets the least sun in the house.  This part of the house has had sunflowers, nasturtiums, and wildflowers grown through the years. Below a climbing nasturtium adorned the raised bed in the north yard in 2014. You can see that the garbage/recycle/food&yard bins sit on the pavers installed near the patio. Eventually, J&R want to plant black bamboos here to provide not only some greenery but also a privacy wall. The climbing nasturtiums are lovely but the black bamboos would be awesome to look at from the kitchen window.

North Yard. 2014
North Yard. 2014


In attempting to put a green strip in the north yard, J&R planted wildflowers one year. And indeed, as you can see below, the flowers showed their wild streak in the north yard just before the area was redone.

North Yard 7 June 2013 #greenlake #seattle

The wildflowers did not quite work as intended. So a raised cedar bed framed with pavers and rivers rocks were installed in the north yard between the neighbor and this house. This is where the recycle, garbage and food&yard bins are regularly parked for an easy roll down the curbside once a week.

North Yard, 26 Jun 2013 #greenlake #seattle

But you probably can’t quite imagine what this was like in 2010.  Unfortunately, we don’t have pics of that time but this is what the north yard looked like a year after J&R moved into the house. So yes, it’s come a long way, baby.

North Yard, 21 Oct 2011 #greenlake #seattle