we three christmas trees … wait, are we too late or too early for the season?

The mantle above the fireplace makes a perfect place for this triplets. They look so at home there that J&R have decided that these get to stay there all year round. How crazy is that?  It’s like Christmas every day of the year without the fruit cake and the egg nog. Well, in this living room, that’s what it feels like with its festive warmth in this blasted, wet, and dreary Seattle weather!





remember what horace mann said about a house without books being like a room without windows?

Well, my folks overdid it. When they moved here in 2010, they had to give away over 50 boxes of books because there was no space for them.  But some of their best friends are books and they could not bear to part away with a good number of them. So the books found their place in the living room. Ikea’s Billy bookcases helped as frames, but the books became the accidental centerpiece of the living room.

LVroom 2016
living room, september 2016
031 Living Room 10 09 08_FotorLR
living room, september 2010
living room, 2010
living room, 2010