an old house’s journey: from ugly duckling to a charming swan #greenlake #seattle

Let’s just get age out of the way, shall we?  I’m old.  I’m even older than Seattle’s Smith Tower which was the tallest building in Seattle and Washington state from 1914 to 1962.  I was built, apparently, on the same year that Woodrow Wilson succeeded William Howard Taft as the 28th President of the United States. And if truth be told, I was already here when  Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market — known for its tradition of fishmongers throwing fish that customers have purchased before they are wrapped — was established in 1930. And hey, I’m still here.

There’s obviously a long, lost history of the people who used to lived here.  My most recent memory was of Mrs. C. settling in in the early 1990’s to be closed to family.  She lived here from 1992 until she passed away in 2004.

Mrs. C’s son and family, my current residents (let’s call them J&R) were working overseas and did not come to live here until 2010. Since then, it’s been quite an adventure getting all fixed up.  If an old house can be an ugly duckling, this is my pictorial journey to becoming a swan.

Front Door, 2015