c’mon spring, hurry up!


Spring 2017


the front yard gets a welcome garden #greenlake #seattle

The latticed wall is in good shape, and is oiled together with the new bench. But because the wood in the lattice is older, it looks darker than the bench as you can see in the photo below. Next to the patio is a small garden that’s just a few steps to the entrance of the house. This is what it looks like a year after the flagstones were installed with creeping thyme planted between the pavers.

FY Garden
front garden, august 2012

Here is what this looked like in 2011. J&R also wanted to grow some shrubs next to the hedge to provide some privacy wall. You can see from the 2012 photo that a year did make a difference and they had a bit of success doing that.

Front Garden, 2011
front garden, july 2011





the patio gets a makeover plus a charming bench #greenlake #seattle

The front yard has a latticed patio with a charming bench under a decorative cherry tree. The bench and the patio were completely rebuilt in 2010.  Ron of RS Renovations did a marvelous job building a new bench and saving the bricks to reconstitute the old patio into a new one double-bordered with pavers, then cedar. The bench is oiled once a year to protect the wood from Seattle’s wet weather.

Front Yard, Oct 2010
Patio, October 2010

Here’s what this area of the house looks like in the summer of 2010. The bench and the logs supporting it were falling apart, and everything had to be replaced. We saved and reused most of the bricks from the old patio and you can see above that it turned quite lovely.

Front Yard, Jun 2010
Patio, June 2010