a bathroom so bright, you can sing in the rain even if Seattle gets 37 inches of precipitation

So, Seattle gets about 150 days of rain a year and an average of 37 inches of rainfall. Apparently, last year, Portland edged Seattle out with an annual average rainfall of 37.5.  Big deal, yes? But did you know that the Olympics Mountains create a rain shadow which benefits Seattle. Yes, without the Olympics, Seattle would get even more rain!  Chicago, Dallas, and Miami reportedly also get more rain than Seattle, but no one really thinks of those cities and think RAIN. Blame it on ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ where one of the characters famously say,  “It rains nine months a year in Seattle.” And people believed him!

As if Seattle folks can’t get enough of the rain — when I was renovated, my folks decided to replace the tub with a shower stall.  German-maker Hansgrohe asks, “Think a shower is just a shower? Take a shower with Hansgrohe. You will be able to feel and see the difference: Our showers gently douse, wonderfully refresh and vigorously massage.” I understand that this is all true with the new shower. My folks are pretty pleased with it, they want to make an additional bathroom and install another Hansgrohe shower!  The lighting is gorgeous in this renovated bathroom. We also added a shellcrafted mirror to match the sink pedestal. Yes, you can sing in the rain in there.

055 12 Sep 2013_FotorBR
Bathroom | Sept 12, 2013
Bathroom | Sept 12, 2013
Bathroom After. 2013
Bathroom Before. 2010


we three christmas trees … wait, are we too late or too early for the season?

The mantle above the fireplace makes a perfect place for this triplets. They look so at home there that J&R have decided that these get to stay there all year round. How crazy is that?  It’s like Christmas every day of the year without the fruit cake and the egg nog. Well, in this living room, that’s what it feels like with its festive warmth in this blasted, wet, and dreary Seattle weather!