from neglected wild to controlled wonder #greenlake


What’s more controlled than succulent plants lining up in a grid? These plants were perfect and all last year, but only five of these charmers survived the winter. The metal frame was a cucumber trellis that was previously used in the south yard, but had since been repurposed to hold the succulent plants against the wall. The small pots are attached to the metal frame with a thin garden wire that can easily be adjusted and moved.

Backyard Wall. 2015 #greenlake #seattle
Succulent plants. 2015

This is my backyard in 2013. The 12×12 shed had been built, and painted yellow. The backyard is a bit shady under the red cedar tree, so the paint is a brighter shade of yellow on purpose. Also, the crumbling fence had been replaced and oiled and the landscaping had been done when this snap was taken in the spring of 2013.

022 1 May 2013_FBYwall
Backyard with new wall and shed. May 2013

This is what my backyard looks like in 2010. The neighbor’s tree might be a magnolia, maybe … it has white flowers that bloom profusely during the season. You can also see that there’s another spiky yucca plant in the yard and some ivy vines that have climbed over the fence.

Backyard Wall. 1 Jun 2010 #greenlake #seattle