upside down tomatoes: a hanging basket that could #greenlake #seattle

J&R had been trying to grow all sorts of vine on the trellis without much success. So one year, they finally decided on hanging baskets. They planted geraniums with nasturtiums in 14″ inch hanging baskets.  The baskets flowered through fall and were lovely additions to the patio.

Hanging Basket


In 2016, they could not resist the idea of an upside down tomoto plant. Most of the upside down planters were made of plastic and they could not find one that they really liked. So R. bought coconut basket liners and re-used the baskets from the previous years. They were not  quite sure the tomatoes would survived the transplantation nor the basket, but they did. Take a look! If she had to do this all over again, I’m sure she’ll go for cherry tomatoes.

ALHIGL | hanging baskets3




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